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Press the “reset” button on stress and anxiety

Moving to the Keys

Talk about stress!  Somehow this summer slipped through my fingers like sand!  All of a sudden, there are school buses to contend with and subtle changes that signal fall’s impending arrival.

I recently went to the Florida Keys to help my son move and settle in, after he accepted his first job out of college.  (Proud mama moment, it’s a really good job (and he’s living in paradise!)  So proud!)

After I returned, I found myself in uncharted emotional territory and wasn’t sure what was going on.  I was feeling more stress and anxiety and I didn’t know where it was coming from.


Finally one morning, I realized this is the first September in 21 years that I haven’t been focused on getting my kids ready for their “new year”.  WOW….now what?!!

As I spoke with friends and read many Facebook posts, I realized I am not alone.  Whether it is a child “moving up” to middle or high school, first child heading off to college, “empty nest syndrome” or a teacher of 38 years retiring and facing the first school year without her well-established routine,  many of us have been so focused on kids (whether our own or others), it’s been all too easy not to focus on ourselves.  OUCH!  I know!

It has been my pride and joy to focus on my kids and getting them set to go out into the world as responsible, capable and talented young adults.  But, truth be told, it was also a way of avoiding dealing with my own “stuff”.  Fortunately, I have a couple of amazing healers who call me on my stuff (sometimes gently, sometimes not so much), just as I do with my clients. I have such gratitude for these wonderful healers!

So it’s choice time:  do I wallow and wander, wondering what to do OR do I realize that, just like the title of my podcast, have the Power to Change My Life.  If you know me at all, you know I am going with #2!  I am back into my normal yoga routine, making sure to take my multi-vitamins, eat healthier and get regular chiropractic adjustments and healing sessions.  I also am back to practicing meditation and mindfulness.  It didn’t just happen, it is a choice I am making and I encourage you to do the same.  When I am not taking good care of myself, my stress and anxiety levels increase and unfortunately, much like a frog in boiling water, I may not recognize it until it’s too late.

If what I outlined for me sounds too daunting for you, what is the next smallest step you can take to begin to reclaim YOUR inner power?  Start small, start simple — a 5 minute walk, a short meditation (grab my free meditation here), learn EFT/Taping take a bath, a yoga class….what feeds your soul?


#change starts with the first step

Whether it is the “new year” in September or the “New Year” in January, the first step to change is always the hardest!  I had 2 really interesting 1.1 mile hikes this summer that really helped to teach me this.  Both helped me learn the valuable lesson of “this moment, this breath” and each one started with ONE STEP.

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