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How stress and anxiety shape our online personas

I posted on social media how grateful I was that so many people reached out to wish me a Happy Birthday since my son ignored me. I’m so glad I did!  One reply: “Your courage to share is inspiring and encouraging to me. I acknowledge your wisdom to let your son be and focus on…

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Say Goodbye to Anxiety

This weekend officially ushers in fall and I am trying to squeeze in every drop of gorgeous weather I can! This is a sacred space that I am blessed to walk in every day with my sweet dog Maggie. I HAVE to connect with nature EVERY day! That is one of my self care practices.…

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Finding Peace in Anxious Times

Every day makes me more anxious” I saw on Facebook. I hear you!!  Anxiety, fear, stress and despair are at an all time high and rising exponentially every day.  Understand though, slipping into a pit of despair is not going to help our country and it is not going to help us individually. I’m not…

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