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Emotional Freedom is a Choice

Happy Freedom week! Here in the United States, we celebrate the 4th of July and Canada celebrates Canada Day. Your personal freedom, your emotional healing is what I want to focus on today. My own search for emotional freedom and more than 20 years of research has let me to be passionate about helping others find the freedom to move gracefully into a new place of power and confidence…to fully embrace life.


I personally suffered greatly as a child. My parents divorced when I was five-years-old, they were both alcoholics and my father died by suicide when I was seventeen-years-old. I share this with you to inspire you, as Dr. Eger does in her beautiful book “The Choice.” She says “there is no hierarchy of suffering”. My suffering is not the same as hers; mine has led me to be on a passionate mission to help others find the freedom to fully embrace life.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente, clearly proved a direct correlation to childhood trauma and physical and emotional health consequences as adults. Learn more and take the quiz here.

Not everyone longing to find emotional freedom suffered as a child.

My husband scored zero on the ACEs quiz, however he was traumatized during his service in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. I’ve had clients with little or no childhood trauma, but suffered an abusive marriage, the loss of a loved one, family alienation upon coming out, and on and on. Each of these courageous souls made a choice to do the emotional healing work necessary for their  freedom.

Look at Sarah, who came to me at the age of nineteen-years-old with a crippling fear of flying. The root cause of this was not from any of the questions on the ACEs quiz, and yet we were able to do the emotional healing necessary.  She has gone on  to build a thriving business.

Without a doubt, THIS is what emotional freedom looks like!


Whatever trauma you may have experienced, whether trauma with a capital T or trauma with a small t, like Sarah, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you live a happier life.

Clearly you have tried to find your way out of emotional distress and still you have stayed stuck. You have may have tried therapy and nothing changed. “A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”, according to Albert Einstein. That’s why, many times therapy doesn’t work. We are talking about our problems at the conscious mind level. Unlike therapy, I have a unique gift in being able to help you access the subconscious level – that’s where real emotional release happens.

Each of us has the ability to heal from any kind of trauma: avoidance of pain is not what’s going to get you free. We can find peace in the midst of challenging circumstances. We can move gracefully into a new place of power and confidence. I can help you get there.



Last, but not least: a lot of clients are off on vacation this month, so I have some extra time and I would love to use it to help you break free from the chains of past events. Through Friday, July 5th, you can save 25% off a one month coaching package with this special code.

This “freedom week”, wouldn’t you love to say “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom?”


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