Faces of Emotional Freedom

by Stephanie Dalfonzo

Sarah overcomes her fear of flying

Sarah came to me when she was 19 years old for help with her "crippling fear of flying."  She WAS NOT going to fly to Mexico with her family for vacation!

In just three sessions, Sarah had her freedom back - enjoying her family vacation, then skydiving, THEN she built a very successful business as "The Five Foot Traveler!"

Alison overcame her fear of driving on the highway

For 10 years, Alison didn't see her sister very often.  She was afraid to drive on the highway, and her sister lives 50 miles away.

After she saw her sister overcome panic attacks and anxiety with my help, she came to me for help.

Here she is, after driving 50 miles to see her sister, after 10 years!

Rhylee overcame her fear of shots and needles

Sweet Rhylee used to have to be held down by 2 adults while she was kicking and screaming in order to get her shots.

Here she is calmly getting her flu shot - without a care in the world.

Her pediatrician has been sending me her patients with fears and phobias for over a decade!