August 31

Fear of Driving on Highways and Bridges


Fear of driving on highways and bridges is a very common fear I help clients with. Sometimes it’s one or the other, but many times it is both fears of driving on highways and bridges. It doesn’t matter – a fear is a fear and I have mastered the art of how to overcome fears with hypnosis.

Fear of Driving is common, You are not alone.

Fear of driving is much more common that you might think. A 2018 New Zealand study found 52% of those polled experienced experience mild anxiety while driving and 16% experience moderate to severe driving anxiety! Fear of driving on highways and bridges is the most common I help clients with. Sometimes it's one or the other, but many times it is both fear of driving on highways and bridges. It doesn't matter - a fear is a fear and I have mastered the art of how to overcome fears with hypnosis.

I've worked with clients who had specific driving situations that triggered their driving fear: fear of bridges, of left-hand exits, fear of city driving, highway driving, etc.  Some clients were fine with daytime driving, but had high anxiety at the thought of driving at night.

I've heard:

  • Sometimes I drive screaming in fear and crying.
  • The fear of causing harm is massive.
  • It's the source of a lot of shame for me.
  • It's my greatest fear I'll crash my car and go numb as to what to do.
  • I have driving anxiety and I keep putting it off.

Fear of driving usually has nothing to do with driving skills

Most of the time it has to do with past negative experiences - an accident, driving through a bad storm, being a victim of road rage, etc. Many times it isn't even a situation when they were driving.  I had one client whose driving fear was rooted in a memory of when they were five-years-old in the back seat when their father had a panic attack and had to pull over. The fears and phobia  which results in panic attacks grew and grew until they just couldn't function anymore. I have an excellent way of easily finding and healing the root cause, and now they are driving freely and easily, not depending on certain driving situations.

Another client experience specific driving-related panic from an experience as a young child in the back seat when her father just missed being in an accident while merging on the highway from the left hand side. Just like the other client I mentioned, this fear and panic grew and grew until she could no longer drive on the highway.

One young woman had a horrible experience with a very mean driver's ed instructor. Then she was the victim of road rage and was punched in the face by a woman she had accidentally cut off. Her fear and anxiety grew and grew to the point that there were days she just couldn't drive herself to work.

A client I worked with recently would spend two hours driving the back roads to visit her parents, when the highway would have gotten her there in 45 minutes.  She wanted her freedom back so she could more easily visit her parents and her children who are away at college.

What is your driving fear costing you?

I've helped hundreds of people overcome their fears.  Look at what is possible!

Book a free consult and find your freedom today!


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